Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today's Listening

Here's what you heard today in class.

1. Bach, Contrapuctus IV - Atlantic Brass Quintet (from the Musical Voyage album)
2. Broughton, Concert Piece for 8 Trumpets - Philip Smith and trumpet ensemble
3. Bernstein, Fanfare for Bima - Phillip Smith (as above) - for trumpet, horn, trombone, and tuba/bass trombone
4. Davis, New Brass - Michael Davis and brass ensemble
5. Crespo, El Pasodoble y Ole - German Brass
6. Traditional, Tico Tico - FEMUSC Music Festival (2007) - Santa Catarina, Jaragua do Sul, Brasil
7. Franzetti, Brasstango - Graham Ashton Brass Ensemble
8. Buxtehude, Fanfare - Arnold Jacobs (from Portrait of an Artist... album)
9. Brooklyn - Youngblood Brass Band
10. DiLorenzo, Firedance - Center City Brass Quintet

Hope you enjoyed it!