Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ewald Listening

We listened to Ewald's Quintet No. 3, performed by the Atlantic Brass Quintet. I noticed many great qualities to the group and performance of the piece. The blend was impeccable, across the whole group. I also noticed [in the opening] how the 8th note accompaniment does not support the solo voice until measure 3, when the solo line crecendos and ends the phrase. I guess I was expecting the group to move with the solo line into the downbeat of m. 2, yet the accompaniment waits until m. 3. This happens every time a solo instrument has the theme except for the 5 measure after rehearsal 14 (if I am not mistaken from this mornings listening...). Atlantic BQ also added a nice ritardando at the very end of the final movement, before accelerando-ing to the end, a musical gesture I have never heard before. Atlantic's take on Ewald 3 is one everyone should check out! Another favorite of mine is Stockholm Brass.

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